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Takashi Isono

 投稿者:Yasutaka Okuda  投稿日:2008年 7月27日(日)18時12分32秒
  Thank you! I'll try to do so.

Through reading your essay, I could find that it was very useful and important to manage the schedule by myself.
Because you bring clear reasons why you insist that managing the schedule by ourselves is important, I think this essay is wonderful.
Why don’t you avoid using the same phrases? And it makes your essay more easy to read.

Yasutaka Okada

 投稿者:Takashi Isono  投稿日:2008年 7月27日(日)01時45分26秒
  Your essay is very good.Because it is easy to understand for cosistency.
Would you add to passage of fact? If you do so, your essay will become better.